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Mission and politics of the company


Products Codina, S. A. is an organization with structure of familiar direction dedicated to making products of cleanliness for the home and for the indústria. His pretension is a service offers to the company with qualit products range average - discharge and to competitive prices. We are thinking about keeping a few constant levels of quality very important and never about not cheating the client.

These objectives have been obtained thanks to the effort of professional ethics and the decision of offering always a good level of quality and an estimable comparable presentation of the products to the presentation that the first brands do. It is necessary to to recognize that these aims not habrian obtained without the good disposition of the majority of them persons who shape the labor equipment of the company.

Politics of the company

We believe in an organization focused on the needs and espectativas of our clients and in the necesdad of improving our system of management of a continued and systematic way, trying to advance to them trend trends expiring with the legal and / or regulation requirements.

In consequence we have established a series of basic beginning that we describe later:

  • Personalized attention and follow-up of the needs of the clients with qualit products that fulfill the requirements of the clients.
  • The human equipment is fundamental: formation, motivation.
  • To promote the teamwork: interrelationship, communication, participation.
  • The punctual service to the client is fundamental. To take care of the good logistic functioning in the delivery of the orders.
  • Good relation and narrow collaboration with the suppliers like guarantee of stability in the quality of the products and to obtain the best prices.
  • To have the means as for facilities and machinery more suitable and updated, with a constant investment.
  • Constant I+D.
  • Vocation of international expansion, but with priority to the local attention.
  • To obtain rendibilidad economic by means of the satisfaction of the client in our actions.
  • Fulfillment of the environmental applicable legislation, adhesion to initiatives I happen environmental voluntary as for example the Charter of sustainability as well as other commitments that the organization signs related to the environment.
  • Utilization of processes and respectful products with the environment and commitment of prevention of the pollution.

The whole personnel of the company is conscious of the missión and politics of the company, of the objectives that we have appeared, and knows and shares the values established to obtain them.