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PRODUCTOS CODINA S.A. takes a clear worry as the sustainable development in order to contribute, since it has done it from always, to a careful respect and preservation of the environment.

PRODUCTOS CODINA, S.A. recycles the water used in the processes of production. For a few years, when one stops making and packing a product, the whole water of cleanliness utiizada is stored in a differentiated can. Later, when it returns to make the product, there is mixed the water of the network of supply by the water of wash that we had guarded. Therefore, with few investment two advantages are obtained: on one hand waste water does not generate that podrian to harm the environment and on the other hand the water consumption manages to diminish.

The sensibility of PRODUCTS CODINA, S.A. towards the care and the improvement of the environment and the approach of a management compromised with the environment has led to the company to:

• Environmental aspects

• The certification UNE-EN ISO 14001 2015 (GA-2008/0752) granted by AENOR

• To be a member of the Charter for the sustainability

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