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Codina is a well-known company founded in the year 1889, in a small factory located on the popular street Santa Marta in Mataró.

In those days soap was formed into long bars which the shopkeeper would cut with a knife and sell by the weight or size as requested by the customer. Then the women, in their homes or in the public washing places, would slice pieces from the soap bars, mix them with boiling water to soak clothes or use the pieces to wash their clothes. From those humble beginnings to today, Codina has maintained their original product line and diversified to more kinds of quality laundry and cleaning products in response to market demands. Throughout this history, Codina has preserved the La Oca brand name.

The extraordinary reputation of the La Oca brand has resulted in very strong brand loyalty across several generations. Knowledge of the prestige and unfailing quality of our products continues to be our best advertisement.